How to choose your cleanser

Trial and error. Trial and error. Finding the cleanser that best suits your skin is a long process of trial and error. That's why, and because we know how important this first step in your daily beauty routine is, we want to make it easy for you. We'll help you choose the one that best suits your tastes; the ones you've always had or the ones you have right now.

You have sensitive or reactive skin: Foaming cleansers will suit you well; they are creamy and light and melt into the skin, leaving it clean and moisturised in one step. Try Gallinée's Foaming facial cleanser and Barbara Sturm's Cleanser.

You have combination or oily skin: you need a gel cleanser with a fresh, light texture that cleanses deeply without leaving your skin feeling dry. You might like Huxley's Cleansing Gel or The Cleanser by the Naked Lab

If you have dry skin: milk or cream cleansers cleanse well, as well as leaving skin nourished and moisturised. Massage well into the face, remove with cotton and rinse with warm water: try The Seated Queen or Gentle Face Wash by Cowshed.

Mature skin: the luxurious, creamy balm cleansers penetrate the skin, cleansing and treating in one step. Nourish and hydrate Cleansing Balm by Glow Hub and Reset by PSA

You're a fan of double cleansing: oil-based cleansers remove all make-up, including waterproof make-up, and traces of sunscreen. On contact with water, they turn into milk, allowing you to deepen the cleansing process and leave your skin polished. Light work Rosehip cleansing oil by PAI Skincare and Biphasic Lotion by Rassa

An extra cleanser (to be used twice a week). Choose a powder cleanser, which cleanses deeply while oxygenating the skin and gently exfoliating. Barbara Sturm's Enzyme cleanser is perfect for brightening the skin thanks to its fruit enzymes and citric acid content.

And micellar water? You can use it to remove make-up before your usual cleanser. Or as a second step in cleansing, to finish deep cleansing. Or, very simply, as a toner, after your cleanser and before your serum. Micellar cleansing water by Bioeffect and Beauty Water by Son & Park.