Mature Skin, We Have What You Need

Let's start at the beginning: what does mature skin look like as well as beautiful skin?

These skins are concerned about lack of firmness and light and small wrinkles and fine lines. Needs change and skin demands more nourishment and more complete formulas.

What does it need? We recommend some products to take care of that skin.


Cleanser: Reset, facial cleanser by PSA. It cleanses deeply while balancing and hydrating the skin.
Toner: Luster Lotion by Diana Montoya. Cleanses while balancing and hydrating the skin

Moisturiser: The Rich cream by Augustinus Bader. Stimulates the skin's natural regeneration, and is rich in regenerating argan, avocado and evening primrose oils that help protect the skin from free radicals.

Sun protection: Mimitika, mineral sun protection SPF50, laconic best-seller par excellence.


Cleanser: Reset by PSA.
Toner: Luster Lotion by Diana Montoya.
Serum: EGF serum by Bioeffect. Stimulates the skin's cell renewal process. Works overnight so you wake up with improved skin texture and quality. 2 drops are enough.


Oil: Prebiotic Face Oil by Gallinée. Leaves skin elastic, supple and nourished. Treatment: Perfect renew Pamper skin by Diana Montoya. Apply this organic mask once or twice a week, at night. You will see how it improves the skin's hydration and radiance.