Sensitive Beauty products for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive cosmetics for sensitive skin
What does sensitive or sensitised skin look like?

Uncomfortable, reactive and easily disturbed. It is very common, which is why there are good cosmetics that think about it.

If you have sensitive skin, don't worry: we show you a routine that respects and soothes this type of skin.

Pai Skincare has always been our main specialist brand for sensitive and reactive skin. Their products are organic and vegan, and are formulated to restore our skin's confidence. But new brands like Gallinée or Rassa have appeared to bring a breath of fresh air and vitality to this skin type.


Cleanser: Foaming facial cleanser by Gallinée. A creamy, delicate and effective foaming cleanser. Or Cowshed's Gentle face wash, cream cleanser.

Toner: Century Flower by PAI Skincare. Containing lotus and orange blossom, it provides immediate calm. Regular use helps soothe and hydrate unbalanced or irritated skin.

Moisturiser: The cream by Naked Lab. Contains hyaluronic acid, gingko biloba and calendula, which reduce skin inflammation and leave the skin hydrated and repaired.

If you have specific redness problems this serum promises instant calm for skin prone to rosacea and hypersensitivity: Instant Kalmer by PAI Skincare.


Cleanser: Biphasic lotion by Rassa

Toner: Century Flower by PAI Skincare.

Moisturiser: Sensitive cream, by Rassa

If you need an extra boost of vitality this serum contains 92% naturally sourced ingredients, is oil free, and works overnight to give you a "good skin" effect in the morning: Youthful serum by Gallinée.


Balm: Liniment balm by Rassa. Works as a cleanser, moisturiser and skin alkaliser. Can be used as a make-up remover or to soothe redness and irritation and remove sun spots.

Here you will find a selection of products chosen especially for you