Tips for Caring for your Dry Skin.

This type of skin usually looks rough because it lacks moisture and is very susceptible to external agents, such as temperature changes. You can easily identify it because it is a bit tight and tends to itch a bit, especially after bathing. Sometimes, when the dryness is extreme, you can recognise it by its flaky appearance. Because it is poorly nourished, the skin does not effectively fulfil its barrier function. Dry skin can easily be mistaken for dehydrated skin, which is a temporary condition.

However, we have good news for you: a good cosmetic routine can improve that dryness.


Cleanser: Foaming facial cleanser by Gallinée. Foaming, creamy cleanser with good bacteria and lactic acid that leaves the skin moisturised and protected.

Toner: Life toner, by Rassa. With rice water, sage, hyaluronic acid, myrrh and parsley, with a high vitamin C content. Removes impurities, de-inflames, finishes off cleansing and leaves the skin ready for moisturising.

Moisturiser: Face Cream by Dr. Barbara Sturm. Moisturising and nourishing, it is key to plumping and nourishing the skin. This cream leaves skin soothed, soft and juicy.


Cleanser: Nourish & Hydrate cleansing balm by Glow Hub. Creamy and highly moisturising, it contains hyaluronic acid, peach extract and coconut water, which protect against skin ageing and leave the skin silky and smooth.
Toner: Life Toner by Rassa.

Oil: Moon oil by Rassa. A night-time oil that restores elasticity to the skin, leaving it luminous and soft. It helps to restore and balance the emotions originated during the day. It is pure aromatherapy.


Huxley's Good night Sleep mask treatment. A moisturising mask with prickly pear oil, it nourishes, softens and brightens the skin so you wake up with a rested and radiant face.

If you have skin like this, these products are for you