Le Déo Girls


Teenage girls smell. That is a fact. And it is good, as it means that they are healthy and active. Déo Girls is the first deodorant for teenagers who want to feel safe, clean, and fresh. It is basic care that generates well-being.

First-time decisions in life act as a declaration of will. This is not just any deodorant. Is a... Keep reading →

Aqua (agua), alcohol*, propanodiol, extracto de hoja de Aloe barbadensis*, citrato de trietilo, caprilato de glicerina, aceite de raíz de parfum (fragancia), aceite de raíz de Vetiveria zizanoïdes (vetiver)*, extracto de corteza de Quercus robur (roble)*, goma xantana, benzoato de sodio, ácido cítrico, cítrico, cítrico, geraniol, limoneno, linalool. * Ingredientes producidos por la agricultura ecológica. *El 99% del total de los ingredientes son de Origen Natural. *El 31% del total de ingredientes procede de la Agricultura Ecológica.