The children's cologne used by Parisian women.

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It All Starts Today

This is the time of the year when our energy is at its best. We used the summer to recharge our batteries. It’s full of sunshine, long naps. We have the slight hope of a better time.

Casual encounters are back. Dinner parties with candles that smell like an old library are back. Improvisation, cherry lips, manicured nails, and loose hair are back.

This is the time of the year when plans are materialized. The previous months were just a rehearsal, and now it’s time to enact what we’ve outlined for the next 12 months. It all begins today.


Point nº 4 from the Laconicum Manifesto → "We do not like 'anti' as a prefix, we’d rather use multi." Read the Laconicum Manifesto →

Try. Smell. Decide.

All our fragrances over 50ml (except Bontibú) include a sample for you to test.

Try it, smell it, and if you don't like it, make up your mind and just send it back. Make sure the bottle is unopened in its original packaging and we will refund your money.

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Aesop is not new. Aesop is not original. Aesop is… Aesop.

And we worship it for that


Anabel Vázquez


Swimming pools, no exception. The West Wing. Adding Tabasco to everything. Getting to visit Texas. Wandering aimlessly around. Perfumes that take you on a trip. Casa Tomada. Casa Barragán. Rich body creams that smell of lemon and ginger.

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María Martínez


White pages, passport-size notebooks. Tratto PEN nº3 markers. The first bit of sunshine on a day at the beach. Trying each and every beauty treatment on the market. Coriander, even best so in a taco. Soups. Citrus perfumes. Pace-walking listening to Beirut.

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