Laconicum & Sustainability

We think that sustainability is all about being willing to do things the right way. Willing to respect our environment, respect our community, respect ourselves.

We intend to make a positive impact around us by means of just a series of actions and adjustments.
Sustainability is not a destination: it is a journey.

Organic, French & sympathique

All products by this brand are certified with the seals of Cosmébio and COSMOS Oganic. They are pioneers in environmental care, working with certified producers as an integral part of their respectful production chain. They use chlorine-free disinfectant, solvent-free colouring, recyclable or biodegradable packaging, waste water treatment, etc.

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Activists masks

Your face mask can turn into an important aid in fighting menstrual poverty around the world. With each purchase of Faace mask Period, Tired or Sweaty, a pack of sanitary products is donated to those who need it via Hey Girls. Donations are also made to The Menopause Charity, with every purchase of Faace mask Menopause. 

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Pioneer makeup

These round, versatile, sexy, little jars contain a lot of substance. Founder Rose Marie Swift is an activist against the use of toxins and chemicals in beauty products. She created RMS free of heavy metals and genetically modified ingredients. Their minimal packaging is
biodegradable, recyclable or reusable.

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What Laconicum does?

- We have reduced our packaging to a minimum. It is 100% sustainable and recyclable. We do not use plastic of any kind.

- For same-day deliveries within Spain we work with Cleta, a cooperative courier service. They only use bicycles, and work ethics and fairness are their trademarks.

- We partner with brands that are friendly to the community and the environment.

Pai Superstar

This British brand for sensitive skin is the most searched at Laconicum. All products are individually certified by COSMOS (Soil Association), Cruelty Free International and The Vegan Society. All ingredients are organic, non-transgenic, pesticide and chemical free.

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A hand cream for you. A hand cream for a nurse.

A brand founded by a nurse determined to protect and care for our hands. With every purchase she promises to send a hand care pack to Health Centres around the world. We’ve sent dozens to hospitals, clinics and centres.

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The trees

What’s the relation between The Cream and trees?

It’s an intense relationship. Augustinus Bader is strongly committed to forest preservation. They collaborate with several organizations in reforestation projects and protecting endangered
areas, organizations like The World Land Trust, The Woodland Trusand One Tree Planted.

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What could you do?

- Collect your orders at pick-up points. This reduces CO2 emissions by up to 5 times.

- Buy responsibly. If you don't use a moisturizer any more give it to your best friend.

- Reuse or recycle all empty containers.  

Classic & Classy + Extreme & Adventurous Indie Beauty Brands

Anabel Vázquez


Swimming pools, no exception. The West Wing. Adding Tabasco to everything. Getting to visit Texas. Wandering aimlessly around. Perfumes that take you on a trip. Casa Tomada. Casa Barragán. Rich body creams that smell of lemon and ginger.

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María Martínez


White pages, passport-size notebooks. Tratto PEN nº3 markers. The first bit of sunshine on a day at the beach. Trying each and every beauty treatment on the market. Coriander, even best so in a taco. Soups. Citrus perfumes. Pace-walking listening to Beirut.

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