We sell indie beauty products for the pioneers, the beauty freaks & the curious souls.

That is our formal definition. The truth is we invented Laconicum because Laconicum did not exist. We would travel, wander around, buy cosmetics here and there, and then we would share our findings. Just the things cosmetics detectives usually do. We went to Kyoto once and came back with a collection of scents that felt like natural spring water. We went to Stockholm and wondered how Swede hair can look healthy.

Our name is an honest result of serendipity. We were visiting a Roman home in Evora and it had a laconicum, a sort of sauna where Romans lounged to chat along. Laconicum is a place to play down and connect. We are glad to see you buy, but we’re mostly proud to see you by, wandering around the store.

Our brands are hard to find. Some nearly impossible. We are inexorable judges and only select with great care honest, inspiring brands with a twist of fun. Just as we select the people we like. Oddities feel like locals at Laconicum (we are that snobbish), the products and formulas with that X factor we all like to have around.

Among our exclusives in Spain, we launched Argentum Apothecary, Fisix, Glov, Human&Kind, Kazumi, Le Baigneur, Les Anges ont la peau douce, Naïf, SAAL&CO, Swell, Soley Organics, SteamCream, The Skin Lounge, Toxic Twins, Treat, HealGel, Legology, Sans [ceuticals], Benamor, Skin Design, Pretty Athletic, Sam McKnight...