To us, sustainability is about willing to do things the right way. Willing to respect our environment, respect our community, respect ourselves. It is a long, torturous road, but a road we simply must take.

Our commitment to sustainability begins with us but also involves our brands. We partner with those who respect our environment —we call it pro-planet cosmetics.

There is no finish line here, just a series of actions and settings aimed at making a positive impact around us.

Some are tiny. Others are quite simple. But they’re all part of a journey we just won’t negotiate. Laconicum is a journey in itself, and sustainability is definitely the one path to follow.

Read about some of the actions we’ve taken so far.


We begin by limiting our packaging to just one box and using 100% recyclable cushioning protection only when strictly necessary. We do not use plastic of any kind. Our packaging has to look good at your front door, but that implies being respectful in the first place. This is the reason why we stopped wrapping our products in silk paper as we used to.

Shipping within the Madrid metropolitan area is done by Cleta, an express courier service 100% sustainable. They only use bicycles and work ethics and fairness are their trademark. For all other national destinations we use pickup points throughout the country —remember that by using a pickup point you can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 500%.

Rest assured that every brand you’ll find at Laconicum is cruelty-free certified. Animal-testing is surely out of our equation, and we like brands strongly committed to their community and the environment.

Our brands

Aēsop. The Leaping Bunny certificate guarantees that nothing is tested on animals throughout the production process. As a Certified B Corporation Aēsop innovates continuously to maximise its positive impact on its employees, community and environment. Work ethics, transparency and responsibility are inexcusable. All products are vegan. Packaging is 100% recyclable.

Also, The Aesop Foundation partners with charitable organisations and NGOs to promote literacy programs. It has invested over AU$ 4.6 million on Australian charity projects since 2017.


Augustinus Bader. Continuous research is made to create 100% clean formulas free of parabens, fragrance, SLS, SLES and DEA, heavy metals, talc, vaseline / parafin / mineral oil, preservatives, diluents, and emulsifiers unnecessary for the product and harmful for our planet. 80% of their primary packaging is fully recyclable, and 90% of the secondary uses FSC paper. 70% of their packaging is plastic-free, with increased use of more sustainable materials like ECOCERT / COSMOS glass. Funders of the World Land Trust, a charitable organisation in the UK which has collected over £25 millions to purchase and protect 774,000 acres of endangered areas in Africa, Asia, Central America and South America; The Woodland Trust, the largest UK charitable organisation dedicated to forest preservation by developing, protecting and restoring native forest heritage. The trust has planted 40 million trees since 1972 to regulate, reduce and compensate for the carbon footprint; One Tree Planted, an NPO dedicated to global reforestation.


Dr. Barbara Sturm. In time, packaging has been reduced, plastic is being replaced with recyclable glass, and recycled paper from sustainable forestry is now used instead of cellophane. Local ingredients are used when available, and palm oil is  obtained from sustainable sources RSPO certified. All producers are comitted to neutral CO2 processes, including green energy and eco-gas. None of the products are tested on animals.


Beached. Formulas contain organic ingredients from natural sources and are free of parabens, PEG, phtalates, silicone, sulfates, synthetic oils, perfumes or colorants unnecessary for the skin and harmful to the environment. Conscious shopping is promoted to use less products and reduce waste. Packaging is kept to a minimum and bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic.


Bioeffect. Trademark ingredient EGF is grown on volcanic pumice soil in an eco-engineering greenhouse using geothermal energy and pure subterranean glacier water. None of the products are tested on animals.


Bloom & Blossom. UK production with local ingredients reduces the carbon footprint. All plastic used will be recycled by 2021. Funding is comitted to Action for Children, a charitable organisation for vulnerable kids and teens and their families.


Esker. Committed to using products and processes harmless to the user and the producers of formulas. 


Everyday Humans. Funding is committed to 1% For The Planet, an NPO dedicated to smart environmental donations. Creams are served in PCR recycled and/or recyclable  plastic tubes, bottles are biodegradable, paper is FSC certified, and polyethylene bags leave no microplastics behind. Globally scarce natural resources are respected and sustainable action is being made to reduce the carbon footprint. Working with producers also committed to energy efficiency and ingredients ethically sourced, good for humans and the planet.


Faace. Packaging is recyclable and the target in 2021 is to use 60% PCR recycled plastic. With each purchase of face mask Period, Tired or Sweaty, a pack of sanitary products is donated to those who need it via Hey Girls. For the launch of Menopause Faace, a donation will be made for every purchase to The Menopause Charity.


Fine. All products are of natural origin and produced in close cooperation with German labs and local partners. 100% vegan, organic and clean, no aluminium salts used. Helping social organisations with the production of American nutwood spatulas and paper packaging in workshops employing workers with special needs.


French Girl. Organic, sustainable ingredients, ethical commercial practices, fair trade. Water in the production process is substituted with botanical extracts like aloe vera and distilled herbs and flowers. The whole production line is supervised and nothing  is tested on animals throughout the process.


ILIA. All material are safe for the planet, packaging is recyclable. Funding is committed to Zero Waste Box by TerraCycle, dedicated to prcessing waste difficult to recycle and to ensure there is a second life to everything.


Kjaer Weis. Refill packaging is used since its creation in 2010. All products, packaging and shipping material is 100% recyclable or compost friendly. Parcel is kept to a minimum using FSC paper and water-based ink. Iconic Edition packaging is made of durable metal and can be refilled. Red Edition is also refillable and uses recyclable paper. All formulas contain COSMOS or CCPB certified organic ingredients, biodynamicaly grown and obtained from sustainable sources.


Larry King. Use of plastic has been significantly replaced with glass, aluminium, and FSC certified paper packaging. The three star products A Social Life For Your Hair, Volumizing Hair Mist and Velvet Texture Clay include a carton strip with wild flower seeds, and funding is committed to OneTreePlanted.


Mabel+Meg. Innovation focused today on ethical production methods and use of 100% compost-apt packaging.


Malin+Goetz. Packaging and ingredients are limited to the necessary as a sign of conscious cosmetics. Most materials used are recycled and/or recyclable. Social projects are promoted by working with local producers from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. 


mid/night 00.00. Advanced formulas are plant-based and products are designed, tested and produced by local partners in Spain. Its solid line for shower reduces packaging waste and the use of water in the production process.


Modesta Cassinello. Solid cosmetics save water in the production process. Disposable plastic is no longer used.


Neighbourhood Botanicals. First UK-based “Carbon Negative” beauty brand, as it compensates for double the amount of carbon involved in production and shipment. All packaging is recyclable and made from glass, aluminium, tinfoil or recycled plastic. All products are vegan and made in cooperation with local, environmentally friendly producers and suppliers. Absolute transparency is observed throughout the production process (their coffee machine in the office uses paper filters instead of capsules, and office paper is 100% recycled). Social responsibility is also observed as a certified employer with fair salaries. A percentage of benefits is committed to charity, shower products are donated to a Home for the homeless in San Mungo, and funding is provided for entrepreneurs in undeveloped countries via Lend With Care.


Novëm. Routines are simplified with multi-use products to reduce consumption. Packaging is recycled, recyclable and refill. Paper packaging is impregnated with seeds to be planted.


Orveda. Use of plastic components is limited to less than 5%, all packaging is sustainable and 100% recyclable. Only FSC paper is used and all prints are made with water-based ink. All products are vegan.


Pai Skincare. Certified by COSMOS (Soil Association), Cruelty Free International and The Vegan Society. Organic ingredients are not transgenic, they are grown sustainably and harvested / extracted without chemicals.


Plant Apothecary. Only non-toxic, botanical, natural, 100% biodegradable mineral ingredients. No phosphates, silicones, dimeticons, nor synthetic chemical products.  Clean formulations demand clean production, leaving no toxic behind. Packaging is 100% recycled and limited to the strictly necessary to guarantee protection. Only  glass and PET plastic bottles are used.


Plenaire. Packaging is fully recyclable and BPA free. All products are vegan and made in the UK.


PSA Skin. All containers are recyclable and packaging materials are OXObiodegradable. Paper is 100% recycled and only soy-based ink is used. Partners must be SGS and FSC certified and no ingredients from unspoilt forests are used.


Rassa. Only organic ingredients are used. Packaging is made of glass. Emissions are kept to a minimum.


RMS. Founder Rose Marie was an activist against the use of toxins and chemicals in cosmetics. No heavy metals ot genetically modified ingredients are used. Packaging is limited and biodegradable, recyclable or reusable.


Salt & Stone. Ingredients are grown and produced following ethical, sustainable methods. No artificial fragrances, pesticides, sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates or transgenics are used. All packaging is recycled and recyclable. Production is made using solar or hydroelectric energy.


The Seated Queen. The whole packaging is recyclable. Recycled materials are used  when possible. Authors of a manifesto for inclusive methodologies in the cosmetics industry that are not limited to a commercial campaign. Formulas suit all skin types,  colour and gender, a human approach to body care.


TEK. Wood is obtained from sustainable forests and natural rubber is used to avoid oil derivatives. Everything is hand-made in Italy using RECS and certified renewable energy.


Uzza. Ocean Waste Plastic is used for their fully recyclable packaging. Main ingredients are natural and organic and obtained from Moroccan women cooperatives. 


Z&MA. Organic products are Cosmébio and COSMOS certified. 95% are natural ingredients, 95% of vegetal ingredients come from eco-agriculture. Working with certified producers pioneering sustainable practices: chlorine-free disinfectant, solvent-free colouring, recyclable or biodegradable packaging, waste water treatment...


Social Responsibility


Aquis. Associated with Simply the Basics, the first National Bank for Hygiene to help those in need.


Nursem. With every purchase, Nursem Promise delivers a pack of handcare products to a Health Centre in the UK.