Nº 1

Beauty products means freedom, not a set of rules and encorsetting ideas for moral comforting.

Nº 2

Our Beauty products lie somwhere between our need to escape and our healthy entertainment.

Nº 3

Beauty products dogmas do exist. We should all have our own and break it at will.

Nº 4

We do not like 'anti' as a prefix, we’d rather use multi.

Nº 5

Cellulite is there to stay, and everybody has it. Cellulite is democracy at its best.

Nº 6

We are all about lightweight beauty products, unorthodox, prudent but not patronising, rich, not heavy.

Nº 7

We encourage consumer awareness. Finish to the last drop or give it to a friend.

Nº 8

We’re in for ultracosmetics, formulas that open doors and bring back memories.

Nº 9

Everything we offer we can defend in private with our best friend.

Nº 10

We follow Zadie Smith 15-minute mirror rule: If grooming takes longer than 15 minutes, don’t do it. It is a rule so we sometimes break it and just spend 5 minutes.

Nº 11

We’re interested in logical beauty products. Being logical is being good to the environment and procuring clean habits and formulas.

Nº 12

We like street talk better than screen talk. We love likes, but we’d rather hear “can I borrow your blusher?”